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Pure Hits Digital Platform


Located in Melbourne and Gold Coast, Australia, our digital studios are equipped with LAWO broadcast consoles utilising Audio Over IP (AoIP) technology to capture and move audio between studios, audio processing, stream encoding and broadcast linking equipment.

LAWO provides Pure Hits Digital with broadcast consoles for our studios.


Our playout platforms operate utilising multiple vendors including Rivendell Automation, RCS and SPL. Nodes are virtualised at each studio location with additional off-site redundancy from Cloud365.

Pure Hits Digital uses Rivendell Automation radio broadcast software and appliances.

Audio Processing

Our studio outputs and streaming services feature audio processing by Orban and Telos.

Audio processing and distortion declipper technology provided by Orban.


Stream encoding, content delivery network and audio delivery is provided by our partner Amplify Streaming with nodes in Australia, Singapore, United States and Europe. Remote site stream connectivity technology via Comrex and Barix.

Studio and site linking technology provided by Comrex.

Hosting and Disaster Recovery

Platform infrastructure, off-site replication and backup, application hosting services designed and provided by Cloud365 featuring local virtualised equipment on-site, cloud based storage/compute and network services.

On-site virtualisation, off-site cloud hosting and disaster recovery services provided by Cloud365 Australia. Find out more at https://www.cloud365.com.au
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